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Feb 26 2008

Vanessa DeMira is Much Hotter Than Most Celebrities

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So here’s another classic case of celebrities just not holding water in my opinion. You see, on all these crazy shows like “E!” and “Access Hollywood” they always have these “red carpet” type features. Their analysts talk about how gorgeous some of these ladies look. Don’t get me wrong I think Uma Thurman has nice boobs and looks decent in some movies. Marcia Cross? I mean come on. Sandra Oh? Stop saying these women are gorgeous. What is alluring about these women is their talent as actresses (not even that sure about their talent anyway) and THAT’s why we want to bang them: because they’re famous. Why do I bring this up? Because Vanessa Demira is one of about a million women who you’ll see on Maxim, at a car road show, in a bar, wherever, that just blow 99% of female celebrities out there away. I will admit that Vanessa’s Myspace Profile is a bit crappy, but that’s not why she isn’t famous yet.


So what is it that makes a celebrity famous? Luck? Timing? Talent? I think it’s all of the above. More importantly, what’s keeping girls like Vanessa DeMira from being more famous than they currently are? Bad Luck? Lack of timing? Lack of talent? I suppose it’s also all of the above. I also assume that some of these women just don’t have any drive or desire. Vanessa’s been in Maxim and FHM. Don’t get me wrong these are big media outlets but what does she want? Alright that’s enough of this. I know what I want. To see Vanessa taking it, and taking it hard.


This picture for example? Would be much better if there was a lot more water involved. That and another woman or possibly two women and a man. She’s got the kind of body where you’d expect small boobs but in actuality she’s got big boobs, really big boobs for that frame. That’s when life is pretty good.


I don’t care how much makeup she’s wearing, you can see bags in those eyes. There’s mischief in those eyes. There’s something dirty going on here. Perhaps a drug break in the bathroom or pole dance the night before. Something’s afoot. And I love to use the word afoot.


I think that quote says enough.

More Pictures:

vanessa-demira-8.jpg vanessa-demira-7.jpg vanessa-demira-14.jpg vanessa-demira-2.jpg vanessa-demira-3.jpg vanessa-demira-12.jpg vanessa-demira-11.jpg vanessa-demira-1.jpg vanessa-demira-9.jpg

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