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Feb 29 2008

Sasha Singleton – Let’s Party for a Living

Published by Brock Landers at 6:00 am under Playboy,Sasha Singleton


Sasha Singleton is an absolute freak. That’s all I’m gonna start off with. Wow. First of all when you go to her Myspace Profile you’ll hear a nice little dance song featuring the lyric “would your girlfriend call me a whore” which really sets the tone. Scroll down for two seconds and you’ll see a borderline Myspace safe picture of her lying on top of another girl, both of them are topless, and their breastesses are mashed up against one another. All I can say is….this is MY type of girl. Wow. What a peach huh? I guess they really do know how to party in the OC. Why didn’t that show with Mischa Barton show any of this? Would have made it much much better.


For the record I’m eating sticky rice right now and it just got a lot stickier. Speaking of sticky rice. This guy is Asian and this guy is, yes, Sasha Singleton’s husband! I don’t know where this guy is from or where he’s been over the years but I need to visit whatever kind of magic farm he entered. I don’t know if he’s rich, has a super penis, or is a DJ. My hope is that he’s poor and simply a master at knowing how to land chicks. Whatever the case, he’s given hope to the world. This guy is my new hero. (he owns a club, damnet)


Whoa whoa wait a minute. Here I am thinking this girl is amazing and little did I know she has a serious resume? Appeared in Hustler and Playboy? Where in the world have I been all these years! She even has her own Sasha Singleton Wikipedia page? Can they make a Brock Landers Wikipedia page already? “Brock Landers: Creator of Hottest Girls of Myspace. This guy’s a bad ass.” That’s all I’d need to read.


Oh and by the way she has a kid. Unreal. Some other notables include appearances on MTV’s “Dismissed,” Playboy’s “Natural Beauties” circa 1999, and she was on the cover of Drag Sport Magazine in 2004. What does she do now? Parties her ass off at clubs around the world getting paid to be hot. I’m not saying I want to be a woman but when you’re a woman like her you can basically do whatever the fuck you want.


She hangs out with Jessica Burciaga? Enough said. OK one more thing. She’s Irish, Scottish, Thai, and Chinese. WOW.

More Pictures:

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  4. JamesDon 16 Jul 2008 at 1:24 am

    wtf. when did she get implants?! She ruined herself. I’ve known about her since the late 90s when she was import modelin.

  5. Deeon 29 Jul 2008 at 11:40 pm

    oh well i kinda now the guy..his name is eric young & one of the owner/partner of visionshock entertainment but i dont think thats her husband & the father of her kid. :) the guy is taiwanese i think..not soo sure though but he’s a pretty nice guy. ^^

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